Photography is no rocket science. It just helps you to show the way you look at the world.

So, When all know various reasons to learn Math, Science, Languages, etc. Similarly, Let me mention , Top 5 reasons to learn Photography. Lets see 5 P’s of Photography.

Preserve Memories:

Its very obvious that photographs help us to revisit old memories. It helps us to relive those moments. Takes us back in time where we laughed, cried, had fun, acted silly, where we truly lived.

It helps us cherish those moments especially when we are lonely, sad, stressful , missing someone.

So, Its time to preserve your big and small moments of your life in Style. Learn Photography!!

kids, jump,sea side,rocks

Proximity to Nature:

When you see pictures of mountains, you can feel its majestic existence. When you see images of Waterfalls, You can feel the abundance of nature. When you look at Ocean Images, you can see how  vast and silent it is.

This is how photography makes you feel. It takes you closer to nature and Nature heals. It builds a deeper bond and you will start co-existing with it. you will never then just pluck a flower for fun, neither will you litter around at a tourist destinations. 

It will make you more responsible towards our beloved Mother Earth and you will surely paly a major role in protecting its Beauty.

colourful nature-bird


Photography also builds patience in us. It helps us to hold ourselves in the moments of anxiety.

You need to wait at the right place, at the right time, for the right lighting, to get that perfect shot.

So, Its an easy way to develop Patience which helps to take better decisions. Explore clicking pictures and your personality would be better than before.


Photography truly pleases us.

Have you ever noticed that people always smile in front of the camera. You will rarely find a person who will avoid smiling unless there is a strong reason behind it. 

Photographers around the world have seen more smiling faces than anyone else. Lets be in that Lucky lot of Human race. Lets make people Smile and capture that forever.

Photography is a great stress buster. Just try going out with a camera/mobile in your hand and see how magically the stress disappears looking at happy and smiling faces.

Project a new world:

Photography gives you the freedom to showcase the world in a different manner. You can show how the world looks from your eyes. 

It helps you give a newer meaning to any situation, a different perspective altogether.

‘The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ .. I feel this is essentially true for a photographer. Lets grab this opportunity  and try showing the world from our perspective.

Like in the adjoining picture, some may enjoy the waterfall, but the real essence is the teeny tiny spider shown against the majestic falls. It shows the co-existence of creatures on our planet Earth.


Folks, Let me tell you, these days its very easy to click pictures. We are all equipped with smart phones which makes it easy to click pictures on the go. Just start Clicking.. 

If you need any technical assistance, I have some articles like Vital Triangle in Photography , How to find a Subject, How to read a Histogram, etc. that will make photography simpler for you. 

Check them out and you will be amazed to find out how simple it is to be a photographer.. 

Happy Photography Folks!!!

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